Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mouth Watering Appetizers - Thursday Favorite Things

Can you believe August is already over??? I cannot, but September brings the start of pumpkin season and I loooove pumpkin everything!  Anyway, this week I am featuring some wonderful looking recipes! 
 From Play Dates to Parties shares her recipe for giant gougeres! Have you ever heard of a gougere? If not, let me explain - it is like a giant cheese puffball that is crunchy on the outside and light and airy in the center.

Silver Foodie shared this recipe for Crispy Potato Onion Rosti.  It is a Swiss favorite - essentially a tasty potato pancake! You can serve it up as an appetizer or make large ones for a big meal!

Homemade Interest shared this Roasted Corn and Jalapeño dip!

The Whole Serving shared this delicious looking recipe for Roasted Grapes with Burrata Cheese toast.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Strawberry Pistachio Tart Recipe

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With the last days of Summer (and strawberries), I thought I'd bake something with strawberries!  I received this tart pan for my birthday and I have only used it once! So I have been dying to dig it out again for *something* and with strawberries on the brain, I began dreaming of strawberry pistachio tarts and voilà! Here we are.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fall Home Decor Favorites 2016

I have rounded up a few of my favorite picks for Fall home decor this year.  I know it is a *wee* bit early but as you know cute things do sell out!  I've created a few categories.  For the living room, outdoors, on the table, metallic accents, and faux greenery.  I had so much fun putting this together!
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EDIT - Some of these links may not work anymore since they are from 2016.  Here is a widget that always has products that are in stock. They may not be exactly the same as the pictures above.

For the Living Room...
Plaid blanket- I LOVE Pendleton blankets. I have a problem with them.  You can use this Pendleton lambswool on the couch, on your bed, as a tablecloth, or outside for pretty blog stylized pictures!
Pillows - We all love to change up our home decor with seasonal pillows. I am loving this Wheat Pillow as well as this watercolor pumpkin patch pillow.

For the Outdoors...
Olive Bucket - I could see a pretty Olive bucket with seasonal faux (or real!) branches spilling out. 
Wheelbarrow - I LOVE this Wheelbarrow Planter - you could put it on your front porch or table and put tons of pumpkins inside. Wouldn't it look cute?

On the Table...
Pumpkin Mugs - Aren't these pumpkin mugs so cute to sip some pumpkin spice latte or hot apple cider from? 
Pumpkin Bowls - I own these pumpkin cocottes  and I use them all Fall long! I serve my pumpkin soup in them and it makes it extra special! This year Staub came out with the pumpkin cocottes in white (already sold out online on WS, keep checking back, but I found Sur La Table also has little white pumpkins as does Bed Bath & Beyond.  Those retailers also have the large pumpkin. Macy's has the large pumpkin too but not at a discount.)  Staub came out with a large cast iron white pumpkin new this year too - I own it already in orange
Fall plates -aren't these seasonal Fall Leaves plates just perfect? I love the colors!
Seasonal Centerpiece - This Harvest Pumpkin Candle basket is so perfect for the center of your table! Imagine lit candles providing ambient light while you eat! 
Gold Silverware - This set of gold silverware goes so well with the colors of Fall! Speaking of gold... 

Metallic Gold...
Napkin Rings - I think these gold napkin rings are perfect! They go with almost anything.
Metallic Gold pumpkin and gourds - These are faux of course. There is a large metallic gold pumpkin and then also metallic gold pumpkin and gourds

Faux Branches and Greenery...
I love all of these faux branches - there is an acorn spray, gingko spray, and setaria spray.  The acorns are perfect for filling vases, bowls, or just scattering around. 
Then there is this pretty Magnolia wheat wreath!!
I love these black and white Mackenzie Childs Beware pumpkins!

I hope you enjoyed my little round-up for Fall home decor!  Forgot to mention, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pumpkin bread (and there is now a gluten free version!!). I know it's a little pricey but IT IS WORTH IT. 

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Fall finds, trip to Switzerland and more... Five on Friday

Fall finds at Williams Sonoma
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Last year I purchased these pumpkins bowls and large cast iron pumpkin cocotte.  We used them through all of Autumn to bake our soups in.  Well, we dug it out of storage today and are serving up this season's pumpkin soup for the first time this year! 
This year, Staub came out with a large cast iron white pumpkin and then the smaller soup bowls.  Isn't it super cute in white?  For those that would prefer, there is also a black pumpkin for Halloween night!
Sur La Table also has little white pumpkins as does Bed Bath & Beyond.  Those retailers also have the large pumpkin. Macy's has the large pumpkin too but not at a discount.

The thing I bought this year was a new bread pan for my pumpkin bread! Secret though.... I totally use the WS pecan pumpkin bread mix to make the pumpkin bread. It is just SO GOOD.  I strongly suggest buying their pumpkin pecan butter too.  Here is where you can get a set of the bread mix and pecan pumpkin butter.  New this year is some caramel pumpkin butter - could be good.  Here is the gluten free bread mix!  This is the cute bread pan pictured below that I bought!

Switzerland Trip!
We are headed to Switzerland this Fall!!!  I have been to Zurich once just for a few hours - we stopped by the old town and went to Rhine Falls.  This time we're going through Zurich, then to Lucerne and then to the Bernese Oberland.  Have any of you been to Switzerland?? I would LOVE to know your tips, must-sees, where to eat, and etc! Please leave me a comment!!

I've been working on updating my Facebook page for Peonies & Orange Blossoms.  After reading this post from Shabbyfufu, I have spent a lot of time doing some digital renovation (can I call it that?) on the page.  I invite you all to come check out! Link is below OR go here.


Favorite Instagrams
Doesn't this bowl look SO TASTY and pretty all at the same time!?

On the Web...
Have you seen the laundry room of Chip and Joanna of Fixer Upper fame?? I doubt it because they've never showed us before... until NOW!  Isn't it pretty??? Read Joanna's article here.

From the blog...
Have you ever had a PUPUSA? A what, you say? A pupusa!!  If you've never heard of them before or want my recipe for them, check out my pupusa post here!

PS - Can you believe this is the LAST Five on Friday in August??

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

6 Summer Tablescapes - Thursday Favorite Things

Last week I was talking about Fall but this week we're focusing back on Summer!  I was inspired by all of these beautiful Summer tablescapes that some of our lovely bloggers shared with us all!  Let's take a look at them! 
For those of you that read my blog early this morning, you may have noticed I accidentally published this post a little early! Whoops! Here it is again, this time with the link party.
Also in exciting news, we have a new PARTY LOGO!!!
6 Beautiful Summer Tablescape Ideas

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How Would you Decorate a Giant Wall?

Alright my internet friends, I have a question for you.  In the house that we are building, we have a wall in our living room that is 24 feet long and the ceiling height is 14 feet tall.  So... A BIG giant wall! Normally, one would put a fireplace on that wall but the fireplace is going on the other side of the room. See diagram below.
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So our wall with the 3 French doors would look something like below... 3 French doors, with room for a sconce in between and then there will be windows above the doors too.  The windows will help prevent the odd 5 feet of empty space between the top of the door and ceiling.
French Provincial

Our fireplace inspiration is Patina Farm... stoned fireplace that is see through, except our fireplace will be a gas one as an open wood burning fireplace just like below is not allowed in our county.
source-patina farm

So, now we turn to the wall. THE BIG wall.  I am trying to solve how to decorate this wall before it's built in case someone has a great suggestion that I would need to prepare for before the walls go up (like wiring for sconces or something).
Now, we will have a tv on that wall (unfortunately... why are TVs so ugly??)
It will look exactly like the picture below as it is the exact console table we have. iI is 100" wide, 24" deep and 32" high.

This thing piece will be centered on the wall.  So what do we do around it?

Now, I know that the ideas below won't be accomplished in one night. It would take me a long time to put together a gallery wall completely BUT so long as I have a plan then that's fine.

Gallery Wall...
We could do a big gallery wall.  I have always envisioned having a gallery wall somewhere. This could look interesting. Of course I would want to fill it with antique oils... I also happen to be friends with some antique painting dealers who I'm sure would be happy to sell me a whole house full! 
source simple everyday glamour
Here is a more modern gallery wall... I could accomplish this in a day but I would like antique oils instead (but my checkbook doesn't!)
Oh, when I think of gallery walls by the way, I always think of this super cool room that was in Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was so cool! 
Or I could find some giant paintings!
source 1st dibs
We could put some wood panels on the wall.   But I wouldn't want to panel the rest of the room, so it would just be the one wall.   
source - 1st dibs
 These panels are a little simpler. We could make some faux panels essentially... just put some wood trim on the wall and paint it. 
source - 1st dibs
Panels like below, although I know those are doors but we could just do the panels and pretend like they are doors. 

We could also just do panels on the lower half of the wall like below. Although then would we need to do that on the wall with the French doors? Remember there are really only 2 walls in the living room.
 We could just wallpaper the one wall and put two paintings on it. 
source 1st dibs

We could frame some wallpaper like below and hang some paintings. 
Do I put one or two giant mirrors on the wall?
source - 1st dibs
Built-In Cabinets
Do we build built in cabinets, like the picture below (except where the painting is put the tv console?)
source Suzanna Kasler
See, my husband could have his ladder he has wanted like below!

Let's be honest, I would really love a large antique tapestry. But finding one in my price range at this size would be an impossible feat.  Hey, a girl can dream!

 Also, you will have probably noted that my source pictures are all very fancy.  Well, it was hard finding pictures of large walls and the only places I could think of that have large walls are in the Chateaus in France and Palaces of Europe. So, of course, my house wouldn't nearly be as fancy!

So, how would YOU decorate such a large wall??  Please let me know, I am eager to hear as we're going to have to finalize our plans soon and if there is a change like (make sure you put lights on the wall) then let me know.

Also, I have considered a window, but the windows that would be at eye level would be ugly because it looks at something ugly on the other side. We *could* consider clerestory windows, would have to talk to structural engineer about roof lines and such.

Leave me a comment! 
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Touring a Modern French Country House

Last week we had a tour of a French country farmhouse.  This week we are going on a tour of a modern French country house!  This was another one of the houses at the Portland Street of Dreams.
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photo- jenny baines interiors

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prepping for Fall Round Up - Thursday Favorite Things

Welcome to another Thursday Favorite Things! Thank you for joining us - we party every Wednesday night at 6pm PST.  
This week it seems people are starting to look to Fall. YES I know it is Summer still but planning people have got to plan. I am featuring a few posts from last week's party with this theme in mind!
First, we have DIY Budget Girl's Fall trail mix. It sounds so delicious... I could totally nosh on some right now!
 To Simply Inspire has some cute ideas for First Day of School pictures.  While I don't have any kids, I know a lot of my readers do, so I thought you might enjoy these ideas!
 This post from Pam at Everyday Living about the colors of Provence really have me in the mood for Fall. The yellows/oranges/browns with pops of green I think scream Fall. 

Jenna at Champagne and Polka Dots has us transitioning into Fall with this styled jumpsuit!

But for those who think Fall posts should be reserved until September, I present to you a peach crisp recipe from Lolly Jane! It looks so good, can't you imagine enjoying this warmed up with ice cream??
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